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Statistical Process Control (SPC) - A Wayworld Tutorial

SPC Tutorial Content Guide

  • SPC is an accepted technique for recording and observing changes that occur in a manufacturing process.  It is also a tool for understanding and affecting change. (background reading)

  • Objective of this tutorial - to introduce the basic ideas within SPC, and to encourage the curious investigator to explore SPC as a valuable personal skill.  This tutorial can not serve as the sole resource supporting a new SPC implementation.  (The tutorial was originally implemented as a sample of tutorial techniques, and the content proved to be useful to a wider audience :)

...we're curious...

Introduction and Overview

What is SPC, or Control Charting?
The Goal of SPC
How SPC Works
Key SPC Assumptions
Ten Tricks to "Get" SPC

Ten Skills to SPC

Trick 1: Believe in the "Normal Distribution".
    Practice: Make a Normal Distribution Graph.
Trick 2: Calculate an Average
    Practice: Calculate the Average Caliper
Trick 3: Know Your Target
Trick 4: How "Tight" is the Process, and why is that Good?
Trick 5; Know the "68, 95, 99.7 Rule"
Trick 6: Find Ranges Between Measurements, and the Middle Range
    Practice: What is the range between each measurement?
    Practice: What is the middle range?
Trick 7: Plotting Measurements on a Control Chart
Trick 8: Use Ranges to Find the Control Limits
Trick 9: Read the Graph
Trick 10: Know Where to Find "The Rest of the Tricks"

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